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Join a community of 20,087+ of people worldwide, a program requested to be taught over 10+ nations and walk away with a new understanding of the true measure of success, a life of abundance and purpose.

The Wealth of Life Course:

financial education

Is taught by practicing and licensed Financial Advisors by Bank Negara and Securities Commission.


Touches on not only the intellectual, but also the emotional and the neurofinance aspects of wealth management.


Incorporates experiential learning through activities, discussions, and case studies.

Our Mission

To transform lives through WOL programs, by equipping individuals with practical wealth stewardship principals that arise from a sense of living purposefully.

Why Another Financial Education Course?

A Wealth Education Course with a Difference

“From households to corporates, Malaysia is a nation in debt, spending more than we earn on the back of easy and abundant credit and a shocking lack of financial discipline.” –The Edge Malaysia (2nd October 2013) 

As the costs of living rise in Malaysia, a mountain of household debt is piling up at the same time. This stress and pressure to make ends meet or to keep up a certain lifestyle leads to devastating circumstances, forcing people into filing for bankruptcy and even pushing some into depression or towards suicide.

If there has ever been a time for sound wealth education that will enable people to take control of their lives and start their journey of purpose, the time is now.

Wealth of Life: The Absolute Guide to Purposeful Living

Written by renowned licensed financial advisor, Brenda Yong, the Wealth of Life course was birthed out of a large gap that Brenda saw in the financial education market. Most, if not all, of the financial books, courses, and talks available in the market focus primarily on how to get rich fast. While there is nothing wrong with gaining wealth, most people don’t even have their financial basics in order. Taking on more financial risks sets people up for disaster when their foundations are not solid.

Unlike other courses which focus on making money, Wealth of Life teaches people to not only unlock their financial potential, but also to understand what true abundance in life is about – living a life of purpose that aligns with their unique interests, abilities, and calling.

To date, the programme and related workshops have already impacted over 8,217 people and counting, from as young as 8 years old to as senior as 60 years old.

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The Wealth of Life Story
The Wealth of Life Story
Discover financial education with a difference. We teach you not just how to gain wealth, but to understand the ‘why’ behind wealth management. Our highly qualified trainers are passionate about helping participants understand their individual life goals and live a life of purpose, enabled by sound financial principles.
Financial Education for All Ages
Financial Education for All Ages
The Wealth of Life series is geared at children from primary school age right up to seniors in the golden years of their lives. To date, the programme and related workshops have already impacted thousands of lives. Our courses will show you that it is never too early or too late to learn sound financial principles coupled with principles on living a life of meaning.
Embark on the Journey of Your Lifetime
Embark on the Journey of Your Lifetime
Discovering how to manage your money starts with discovering yourself first. Our approach to financial education is unlike any other – we take you on a journey that will uncover your uniqueness, and from there, your dreams, goals, and concrete ways to work towards them. If you’re looking for a course that will not only equip you with practical money skills but also give you a fresh new perspective on life, this is it.

WOL Series

Wealth of Life is a financial education course offering tailored programmes catered to different age and demographic groups, from children to youth, from young working professionals to families and parents, which are:

  • Wealth of Life – Children
  • Wealth of Life – Youth
  • Wealth of Life – Man
  • Wealth of Life – Women
  • Wealth of Life – Family
  • Wealth of Life – Kingdom business owners
  • Wealth of Life – Professionals
  • Wealth of Life –Golden Years
  • Wealth of Life – Communities
  • Wealth of Life – Mastery : One to one coaching
  • Wealth of Life – Chinese

What Others Are Saying

  • At the time I heard about Wealth of Life, I was at the final stage of my PhD, and I found myself asking, “What is my life purpose after I complete my PhD?”. It was at just the right time that I found out about Wealth of Life, which I thought would be useful in helping me map out my life purpose. Clearly, this program has achieved that. Now I have the right structure and techniques to help me achieve fulfilment in life.

    Kok Bing Wealth of Life Participant // July 2017
  • I learned a lot of things on this course – such as gaining a better understanding of who I am, and how to set goals that will help me achieve what I want in life.

    Jin Wealth of Life Women’s Series Participant // July 2017
  • Wealth of Life Women is a very unique approach towards empowering women. I used to be totally lost when it came to finances, but through this course, I’ve learnt new things. I also enjoyed the purpose-driven part of it. For a long time, I was unsure of what my purpose was. The exercises on the course really made me focus and discover not only what I’m passionate about, but also what I’m good at.

    Rosie Wealth of Life Women’s Series Participant // July 2017

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