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wealth of life

Wealth of Life is a financial education course offering tailored programmes catered to different age and demographic groups, from children to youth, from young working professionals to families and parents.

What you will learn

  • Know more about yourself and the original DNA within you
  • Understand the true meaning of SUCCESS
  • Discover your inner dreams, visions and values
  • Understand the different types of income and wealth
  • Discover different routines to build your own wealth in a healthy way
  • Have a basic understanding of wise financial management
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WOL Youth 

This course will equip teens and young adults with money skills and habits that will serve them for the rest of their lives. Our Wealth of Life Youth Course is part of the LifeEquip self-discovery program designed to help youth between 13 – 25 years old (for those who are not working) get a head start in life. The course has been run in hundreds of schools, colleges and universities, and teaches students how to identify short, medium and long term financial goals, how to plan and budget to meet those goals, the difference between saving and investing, and recognize when debt can be dangerous and when it can be useful.

The Mission of LifeEquip is to provide world class programmes and tools for youth development to meet today’s workplace challenges. We desire to reach youth from all backgrounds and grow leaders who are passionate and skilful to contribute towards nation building for generations to come.

Join our signature programme which consists of five exciting, life-changing programmes that will gear Youth up for Life, Leadership and Money Matters.

WOL Women

As the number of women in the workforce continues to increase, and more women entrepreneurs launch their own businesses, women today are creating and controlling more wealth than women in previous generations ever did. As business owners, executives, investors, philanthropists, consumers, mothers, wives, and daughters, women are shaping the world’s economy.

While women may have the same financial goals as their male counterparts, the approach they take towards achieving their goals are tremendously different. The Wealth of Life Woman’s series celebrates the unique relationship that women have with their money, and teaches women how to use their femininity as a strength in their wealth creation journey, be it to provide for their family or parents, or achieve dreams and lifestyle goals they could only previously dream about.

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WOL Golden Years

You’ve worked hard your whole life, and now it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labour. Is it still important to think about wealth management? Undoubtedly! In the sunset years of their lives, many people turn their attention from wealth acquiring to wealth preservation, and start to think about how they can ensure their wealth gets passed on the future generations.

There are many ways to leave a legacy, from setting up funds to continue providing for your children and grandchildren, drawing up a clear will to ensure the family’s inheritance gets passed down, or even setting up foundations or donations to charitable societies. The WOL Golden Years series will show you how it’s never too late to rethink your retirement and money management strategies and make the most out of your wealth.

WOL Professional

The corporate world can be a challenging place. The stress of keeping up with a fast-paced, ever-changing, and increasingly competitive work environment can take a toll on working professionals who find it hard to stay focused and motivated at work. In addition, the pressure of keeping up with others is always present, and more and more individuals are finding themselves in crippling debt, struggling to keep up with their desired lifestyles.

This course is ideal for working professionals who wonder if there’s more to life than e-mails and deadlines. It will help you discover true fulfilment and contentment in life that goes beyond your career or job title, or beyond acquiring the cash, car, condo, and club membership.

Through this course, you’ll have the opportunity to take time out and consider how your work fits in with your unique abilities and life purpose. By understanding yourself better, you’ll be able to chart a career path for yourself that is truly fulfilling and live a life dictated not by society but guided by your unique purpose.

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WOL Children

According to research done by the University of Cambridge, children as young as age three can grasp financial concepts such as saving and spending, while kids’ core money habits are formed by age seven. If you want your child to have a chance at a bright financial future, starting them young can make a world of difference.

When children are taught to handle money well from an early age, it creates a springboard for them to go to achieving their fullest potential in life.

In this course, an experiential, interactive learning approach simulates real world decisions for children, familiarizing them with money management and key decision making concepts. This not only trains them to be financially savvy from an early age, but equips them with practical disciplines, skills and values that will help them succeed throughout the rest of their lives, from school to the workforce.


Coming Soon – What is the man’s role as leader of the household, and how can men wisely lead their families, achieve their fullest potential, realize their financial goals, and keep burnout and self-doubt at bay? This course will give men of all ages the opportunity to discover the answers to those questions.

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WOL Business Owner

For business owners, dealing with the day-to-day demands of running a business is difficult. It can be hard to think about the future when each day poses fresh challenges. Yet it is critical for a business owner to not only think about the sustainability of his or her business, but about his or her own livelihood and family members who are dependent on them.

This course is geared towards helping business owners and entrepreneurs look beyond the bottom line to find meaning and a bigger purpose in their respective businesses. If you’re a business owner, this course will help you unlock your business potential and open up a fresh new perspective towards business and making an impact in the business community.

The financial aspects of this course will touch on sustainability planning and how you can establish a strong financial and management structure to ensure that your business lives up to its mission and purpose.

WOL Family

Providing for a family is a big responsibility. Beyond paying the bills each month, there is the future to think about, from buying a home to saving up for the children’s education. Not only that, many parents have to care for their aging parents in addition to their growing children.

As parents, we can be so focused on providing for our children’s needs that we neglect to think about our own needs, not just financially in terms of retirement, but as individuals with unique dreams and purposes in life.

This course gives parents the opportunity to reconnect with themselves and rediscover who they truly are. It will also teach skills and tools about how to manage household income, budgets, and different types of family savings funds for a variety of purposes. From a place of empowerment and self-understanding, parents will be better equipped to lead the family towards a healthy, thriving life.

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WOL Community

Coming Soon – How can I use my wealth to make a difference in my community? Where are the needs greatest? This course explores a different aspect to wealth management from a perspective of stewardship, and making the most out of your money. If you want to make your giving go further, this course will explore options and avenues for you to do so.

WOL Mastery

If you’ve mastered the basics of wealth protection and accumulation, and have achieved most of your goals in life as well as financial stability, this course will help you go even further and take it to the next level – by exploring how you can use what you have to leave a legacy.

This course will explore how you can make a lasting impact on future generations of your family as well as in the wider community at large, both with your wealth as well as through sharing your experiences and wisdom with others.

Wealth of Life Mastery are for people who aren’t content with achieving a comfortable life – but who are in constant pursuit of the next challenge, the next learning curve, and the next opportunity for self-mastery. Join this journey with others like you and sign up for this intense, immersive course.

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