Unleash your true potential and get ready for the journey of a lifetime!

The Wealth of Life course is centred on the ten key modules below. Each key topic is contextualized for the different types of participants, based on the different Wealth of Life courses.

Topic 1 – Who Am I?

  1. Key Question: Who am I?
  2. Discover and unlock the treasures in your life that will enable you to manage and steward other areas of wealth in your life: passion, vision, finances, prosperity and abundance.

Topic 2 – Knowing Your DNA & The Definition of Success

  1. What am I?
  2. What makes you who you are?
  3. Gain an insight to knowing and understanding your specific personality, gifts, talents, skills or the unique DNA in you and the right methodology to understand the true definition of success.

Topic 3 – Discover Your Purpose in Living

  1. Key Question: Why am I?
  2. Find out the nature, principles and priority of purpose to discover your unique purpose in living; this will be the compass in life that points you to your true north.

Topic 4 – Discover Your Potential & Unlock It

  1. Key Question: How do I do this?
  2. Know your potential that lies within and how to possess the right keys in the different seasons in your life journey; to unlock the hidden wealth of your gifts, talents and resources.

Topic 5 – Different Types of Income

  1. Understand the fundamentals of different types of income: active, passive, passion, residual, residual passive, residual compounding, passion passive compounding income…etc.
  2. Strategizing ways in getting the right mix of income in life.
  3. Learn about life balances, drawing your contentment line in order to live life to the fullest.

Topic 6 – Different Levels of Wealth

  1. Learn about the differences between money, richness, wealth, prosperity and abundance and the different types of mindsets, income(s), practices, values that constitute a life of wealth in the context of financial stewardship and managements.

Topic 7 – Financial Planning Part 1

  1. An explorative workshop in the principles of financial management
  • The value of generosity: Learning the vital principle of planting and harvesting from agriculture.
  • Identifying the dangers and pitfalls of loving money (when money become your sole focus) – greed, anger, jealousy, depression, etc.
    • How to deal with and overcome these negative influences.
  • Learning and adopting healthier financial habits.
    • Saving little by little.
    • Diligence and hard work.
    • Wisdom in investing and knowing your limits.
  • Differentiate income, liabilities, assets, financial rations and net-worth.

Topic 8 – Financial Planning Part 2

  1. Practical steps to financial planning.
  2. Your Financial Workout.
  3. Determining your cash flow and net worth – your household’s monthly budget.

Topic 9 – Financial Planning Part 3

  1. The Financial Challenge:
  • Financial Stability
  • Financial Independence
  • Financial Freedom
  • Financial Abundance

Topic 10 – Design Your Roadmap for a Life of Destiny

  1. Drawing together learning points from Topics 1-9.
  2. Putting together a personal roadmap for the next 10-20 years.