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What People Are Saying…

“At the time I heard about Wealth of Life, I was at the final stage of my PhD, and I found myself asking, “What is my life purpose after I complete my PhD?” It was at just the right time that I found out about Wealth of Life, which I thought would be useful in helping me map out my life purpose. Clearly, this program has achieved that. Now I have the right structure and techniques to help me achieve fulfilment in life.”

Kok Bing, Wealth of Life participant 

“Wealth of Life Women is a very unique approach towards empowering women. I used to be totally lost when it came to finances, but through this course, I’ve learnt new things. I also enjoyed the purpose-driven part of it. For a long time, I was unsure of what my purpose was. The exercises on the course really made me focus and discover not only what I’m passionate about, but also what I’m good at.”

Rosie, Wealth of Life Women’s Series participant

“I learned a lot of things on this course – such as gaining a better understanding of who I am, and how to set goals that will help me achieve what I want in life. “

Jin, Wealth of Life Women’s Series participant

“On the course, I reflected all the past events in my life that made an impact on who I am today. I learnt to let go of the past and start making a plan for my future instead of just sitting back and worrying about it. I also learnt how define my priorities in life and what is truly important to me, including my own definition of what it means to be truly wealthy in life.”

Zoe, Wealth of Life Women’s Series participant

“Brenda has a very clear cut way of helping individuals to go for what they dream for in life. The main thing I took away from this course is Brenda’s concept of ‘abundance’ – that money is not everything in life, and we can also find meaning in sharing what we have with others. The trainers on this course are brilliant, and some of the best teachers I have come across in the 65 years of my life.”

SP Chew, Wealth of Life participant

“The program allowed me to change the mindset of negativity and low confidence. It has also clarified my goals and dreams so that I see them clearly and am ready to steer myself towards them. Also I felt the sense of a change in my inner self where there were areas where I wasn’t courageous enough to clear those negative thoughts from my mind and Jesus intervened and cast those thoughts away.”

Malcolm Gerard, 22

““It made me realise how to identify myself, to take the risk to achieve my dreams”


Judy Xavier,26

“My goals are now very organized. I am now aware that my mindset also influences me to reach my goal.”

Mary Beth, 16

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