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The Wealth of Life course:

financial education

Is taught by practicing and licensed Financial Advisors by Bank Negara and Securities Commission.


Touches on not only the intellectual, but also the emotional and the neurofinance aspects of wealth management.


Incorporates experiential learning through activities, discussions, and case studies.

Our Mission

To transform lives through WOL programs, by equipping individuals with practical wealth stewardship principals that arise from a sense of living purposefully.

financial education


A life fully rejuvenated and revived

Wealth of Life logo symbolizes the true fulfillment in living is to live a life; a life fully rejuvenated and revived.

The words is grounded firmly to represent being rooted firmly with the foundation, the insight and understanding.  The flame of fire is burning in red, orange, passionately, and purify in yellow (symbolize gold) and white, then rejuvenated and revive in green to symbolize the transformation and of life through Wealth of Life.

 About Brenda Yong

FAR licensee under Bank Negara, Representative of Standard Financial Adviser Sdn. Bhd., and CMSRL licensee under Securities Commission Malaysia

Million Dollar Round Table Member, Book Author, Certified Career Consultant with Career Direct, and Licensed Personality ID Consultant 

Having struggled to keep her family’s finances afloat when her mother was diagnosed with a rare, aggressive cancer, Brenda wrote the course after learning that the ultimate wealth in life is the ability to live a fulfilling life, instead of just having a large bank balance.

Her course gathers the lessons she learned first-hand through her training as a financial advisor and through weathering medical and financial storms in life. She believes that sharing these principles will help people not only manage their money better, but reorder and re-evaluate their priorities in life as well.

For more information, please visit www.brendayong.com


Global Associates & Certified Trainers

financial education

David Khoo

David is an honours degree graduate in Business Management from UK. He excels in pioneering and his diverse portfolio in management and consultancy spans across a spectrum of industries, from financial to manufacturing.

David travels widely to conduct leadership and personal development seminars, challenging leaders and youth to make a real difference by living life to the fullest – igniting passion and unleashing potential to fulfil their true life purpose.  He was a guest speaker on BFM radio to encourage listeners nationwide to discover who they are and to fulfil their destiny

David’s passionate mission is to ignite and transform lives by equipping and rasing leaders to help others; by networking to transform communities.  He also organizes community projects; co-sponsored events with schools and colleges; charitable events for the less fortunate.

financial education

Yaw Chun Soon

Mr Yaw Chun Soon has been in the financial services industry for 18 years, with experiences ranging from broking services, margin, nominees, corporate advisory, research, nominees services, asset management, futures trading and unit trust management. Prior to joining the financial services Industry, he was a practicing lawyer for 7 years after admission as a Solicitor and Barrister of the High Court of New Zealand in 1986 and as an Advocate and Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya in 1987.

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Dr Anthony Ng

Dr. Anthony Ng has more than 35 years of business experience covering the manufacturing, advertising, medical, higher education, foodservice, non-governmental, film production, and bio-technology sectors. For his research work in consumer behaviourism Dr Ng was conferred a business doctorate and holds a Master of Science degree in marketing. His current interest is in social responsibility (ISO26000) and community engagement for sustainability. For his involvement in community work, he is a recipient of many international and local service awards.

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Chandran Gopalan

Chandran Gopalan has covered almost every rung of the career ladder starting as a clerk/teller at a local Bank and peaking off his career as a Sales Director in a MNC. This spanned a 30-year timeline and involved mainly customer facing roles. This role’s geographical span covered the local market, East Malaysia and even to Asia Pacific destinations. His job responsibilities involved sales, account management, business development, channel management and senior management in the following sectors: Banking, Call Centers and Education.

He is passionate to coach individuals, families, communities, to understand their individual roles and how they fit together as spouse and the larger “family”.  This, he hopes, will help us leave a legacy for the next generation to emulate.

financial education

Thomas Hor

Mr Thomas Hor is qualified in Civil Engineering and Financial Engineering.  He is currently Registered Representative of Standard Financial Advisor Sdn Bhd. Having worked with several Public Listed civil & structural consultant companies, he is recognised for his high level of integrity and client-centric values. He has more than 20 years experience in human development and promoting portfolio investment. He now leads his team known as “Strategic Life Planners” building lives and transforming them from where they are to what they can be.

Clement Heng

Clement Heng had an exciting 30-year career as an employee in various multi-national companies, ranging from the largest local financial group to a Fortune 500 Company.

His job has brought him to over 33 countries and over 100 great cities in the world. He has conducted over 2,000 seminars and classes, both locally and overseas, in multiple languages including English, Mandarin and Bahasa Melayu.

Other than conducting Wealth of Life course, he also conducts seminar for in-house corporate program.

financial education

Dr Ray Jacob

Dr Ray Jacob’s post-graduate studies was in Social-Anthropology (Social Sciences) with the Institute of Ethnic Studies (KITA) and was awarded doctorate (PhD) degree in Ethnic Studies by the National University of Malaysia (UKM). He is currently engaged on Master of Philosophy (M. Phil.) majoring on “Strategy and Security”, (Social-Political Science). He has had experience in research and being involved with major academic international conferences. He was previously an Adjunct lecturer at the faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities in UKM and a Student Counselor at Lim Kok Wing University of Creative Technology.

Christopher Chew

Mr. Christopher Chew is a Licensed Financial Planner and besides Engineering (B.Sc), Management (MBA), and Accounting & Finance qualifications from the UK, he is also a Certified Professional Trainer.

Currently, he is a General Council member of the MIM and Chair of its Audit Committee. He is also a Senior member and Auditor of the IEEE Malaysian Section. In advisory services, he is a SEAP member of SME Corporation (M) providing business and financial advisory service to SMEs and a member of the MOSTI evaluation panel for research grants and financial assistance.

Overall, he has had over 35 years of varied working experience as an engineer, manager, consultant, entrepreneur and financial adviser in various fields such as engineering, construction, contract administration, project management, training, financial services, and information & communication technology in Malaysia and overseas.

financial advisory

Jasmine Chee

As a Certified Leadership Coach , Jasmine is excited to work with business owners and team builder. Because “everything rises and falls on leadership”, Jasmine is passionate about influencing all to be leaders and to role model leadership to impact positive change.

She has a decade of work experience in both the small and medium enterprise (SME) . Jasmine worked with executives in the areas of business development, general management, business human resources, training and coaching.

She was a chairperson in   “Best International Business Convention 2005” for participant 6000 Entrepreneurs in Bukit Jalil, stadium Malaysia.

She was a Chairperson Malaysia Woman Small Medium Industrial at Johor. She is actively involv in coaching program, leadership training, personal healing and deliverance. She help individuals and leaders live to the highest potential and ability by…

  • Discovering their life design & purpose
  • Developing leadership qualities and character to create value and impact in the world
financial management

Tan Chiew Ee

Ms Tan Chiew Ee holds a Bachelor of Business Management. She has a very wide experience in sales, marketing and in the accounting and finance division of various industries namely in real estate (company management), properties (buy and selling), manufacturing, engineering and investment holding companies. Her reporting structure which is directly to the board of directors enabled her to deal and report the organizational organic and strategic growth directly to a pool of key industrial leaders.

Through the many years of experience Ms. Tan has excel in the industries that she dealt with. With her full dedication and commitment has always strive to be the top in the industries. With the wealth of knowledge and experience that she has she now venture into the Financial Advisory industry as consultant specializing in personal and business financial planning.

Ms. Tan skills covers a wide spectrum and in particularly in the area of analysing, understanding and eventual solving of any financial related areas especially in credit management of the esteem organizations that she has worked with. She is able to put her knowledge and experience to assist individual and corporation in achieving their goals irrespective of whether it is a long term or short term goal or whether it is a financial or personal goal. Ms. Tan always put customers benefit above her own.