Developing Future Leaders, Building Character and Financial Skills

Our program offers an unique financial literacy program where character building is included. There are 3 key elements : You are Special, Integrity Values and Basic Money Management. It’s important for a person to have the right character to manage money successfully.

This program caters for 3 age groups :

4 – 6 years old,

7 – 9 years old,

10 – 12 years old 


We aspire to be an innovative and global leading children’s education program on Finance skills and Integrity.


To teach FINANCE STEWARDSHIP & INTEGRITY to CHILDREN from all Nations in a Fun & Impactful way with the use of Technology.

Wealth of Life Children

Core Values








Our Content

  • Our programs are delivered by Passionate and Experience Trainers
  • Our contents are approved and endorsed by a Bank Negara Licensed Financial Advisor and Practicing Accountant
  • Our program is endorsed by “Trained Child and Family Development Psychologist” Sybella Ng, THINKINT
    • scorecard of 23 out of 24 based on Bloom’s Revised Taxanomy and The Pedagogical Model

Meet Our Team

Brenda Yong

WOLc Founder

Datin Josephine Yoong

WOLc Co-Founder

Adeline Ten

WOLc Chief Nurturing Officer and Master Trainer

Why This Program Is Important

Children are our LEADERS of the FUTURE (in ANY NATION)

Education on behavior and money knowledge need to start from young

No subject is taught in our Malaysian public school curriculum on basic financial stewardship(in ANY NATION)

No curriculum which focuses on FINANCE & CHARACTER in our Education System today

Financial Literacy in Malaysia is only at 36% compared to 59% in developed countries.

S&P Global Literacy Financial Study 2014

Between 2014 – 2018, a total 95,105 Malaysians were declared bankrupt, of which 60% were between 18 – 44 years old. While the reducing trend for age groups between 25 – 55, there was a 70% increased for below 25 years old from year 2017 to 2018.

Bankruptcy Statistic published by Malaysian Department of Insolvency

75% of Malaysians said it was a challenge to raise RM1,000 of immediate cash money in the event of an emergency.

BNM Financial Capability and Inclusion (FCI) Survey 2015

59% of Malaysians do not have enough money to last 3 months. 34% of Malaysians admitted that they spend equal or more than their monthly salary.

Malaysian Financial Literacy Survey 2018

Program Outline

You Are Special
You Are Special
You Are Special
About Me and Others
I'm Special and Others are as well
Our Purpose and Potential
Money Basics
Money Basics
Money Basics
Basic Money Principles
Basic Understanding on Income, Expenses and Savings
Types of Income
Needs and Wants
What is Budget
Introduction to Money
Money Jar System
Good Money Habits

Special Features Of Our Program

Children get to learn and experience EARN, SAVE, SPEND and SHARE.

  • Children (10-12 years old) are given a chance to earn real money (passion income).

  • Children will take home a coin jar with real coins to start off their saving habit.

  • Here are some items made by children who attended the program.


Donating to Charities

The children will pool their ‘money earned’ during program into the SHARE box and that money will be donated to a needy organisation/ community selected by Precious Stars. The children will be informed on their contribution.


Children Showing What they Learned On Gratitude


Where We Have been

Children/Schools we have impacted so far

Virtual Class

Trinity Methodist Church Kindergarten, Penang

Kiwanis Sponsored Children for this program – SRJK (c) Sin Ya, Bukit Mertajam

At our founder’s educational centre, Penang

Good Step Learning Center, KK Sabah

At our office, Wisma BU8

Fettes Park Baptist Kindergarten

Collaboration with Shining Star Foundation – SMK Sierramas, KL

SIM Bandar Utama

MapleBear Learning Garden, Penang

GoodStep Learning Center, KK Sabah 2 from Hong Kong being trained as facilitators

Format of Program

2 Full Days Program
2 Full Days Program

Classroom Learning – 8 hours per day, program lasts for 2 days

Modular Physical Programs
Modular Physical Programs

Classroom Learning – Full program of 8 lessons, 2 hour lessons

Modular Virtual Programs
Modular Virtual Programs

Online Learning – Full program of 8 lessons, 1.5 hours lessons

Standalone Virtual Programs
Standalone Virtual Programs

Online learning – 7 lesson options. 1.5 hour lessons

Custom Programs
Custom Programs


From Parents

“Thank you so much! You arranged such a meaningful program for the kids and kept us updated on what they are learning and doing for these two days. Appreciate it!.”

Jeannette M

“Marcus loves it! I have never seen him so enthusiastic”

Lynn M

“He enjoyed the workshop very much!.. Thank you for organizing this.”


From The Children

Upcoming Events

Coming Soon

Virtual Classes Dec 2020 – Fintegrity Program

Talk to us

Adeline Ten

+603 7498 0380 or +60 11-3656 8076

Precious Stars PLT (LLP0016415-LGN)
Wisma BU8, Suite L5-12,
11 Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya,
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